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If you know anyone in class 11 or 12, & interested in IIT preparation:

The IIT-Professor Assisted Learning (PAL) video lectures for Class XI and Class XII can be accessed on You Tube through the links shown below. Many faculty members from various IITs have contributed to these lectures. Prof. Ravi Soni from the Dept. of Physics, IIT Delhi is the national coordinator and IIT Delhi has coordinated this entire effort with funding from MHRD. Over 600 hours of lectures in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology are available for students.

Pl. pass on the information to your friends/relatives and their needy children.

  • Biology: Channel
19 Click here
  • Chemistry: Channel
20 Click here
  • Mathematics: Channel
21 Click here
  • Physics: Channel  
22 Click hrer

These videos can also be accessed on Doordarshan Freedish DTH. Complete list of videos is available at (Channel 19,20,21 and 22)   Click here

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